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Terms of Prodigy Athlete Services

Service Availability

Prodigy athlete services are available only to athletes who have been accepted by Prodigy and have an active account. Prodigy reserves the right to restrict, limit, and grant Prodigy services at its sole discretion.

Account Requirements

In order to assure that only qualified and motivated athletes are listed on the Prodigy Recruiting Network, there are requirements that must be met by athletes. All athlete services are only available to athletes with an active account. Prodigy requires athletes to maintain current and accurate information on their account, and to update their profile at least one time every four (4) months. Additionally, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their profile, athletes are required to complete a media package while on the Recruiting Network. The first media package will be included when joining the Network and collection of video footage must begin no later than one (1) year after joining the Network. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the suspension, and removal of the athlete’s profile from the Network, as well as possible termination of the account. All other services available to Prodigy Athletes are optional and may be selected at any time by the athlete through their account. All athletes are required to maintain their account, and keep their personal information with the company updated and accurate at all times.

Payment of all services is due no later than the payment policy for each service. Failure to submit payment on time will result in deactivation of the athlete’s profile from the Network. In such a case, the profile will be reactivated on the Network once payment is received. In the event that an athlete’s online profile is inactive for ninety (90) days, the account will be terminated and any unpaid bill(s) turned over to a collection agency.

Application Fee

Because it requires significant time, energy and resources to evaluate applicants, it is vital that only serious athletes apply. To assure this, we will charge an application fee in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to athletes who are accepted to the Network, but choose not to join the Network and create an account. This application fee will be charged to the credit card submitted with the athlete application. This fee does not apply to athletes who are not accepted to the Network or to athletes who are accepted and join the Network.

Additionally, in the event that additional expenses are required to complete the full evaluation of the athlete (such as travel expenses), these charges may be added to the application fee for athletes who the fee applies. Prodigy will contact the card holder for approval of these charges prior to making them as they may be subject to being added to the application fee should the athlete be accepted, but choose not to join the Network. Prodigy will provide receipts for all such expenses.

Account Expiration/Termination

In order to maintain credibility and our positive reputation, Prodigy reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate an account at any time for violation of this Service Policy.

Networking Service

All Prodigy Recruiting Network athletes are granted unlimited access to their personal profile and use of Network Services. Profiles may remain active on the Network for a maximum duration of six (6) years from the date joined. Athletes may at any time elect to remove their profile from the Network at which time, the account will subsequently expire.

Profile Content

Accuracy of information on the Network is essential for maintaining credibility and is something Prodigy takes extremely serious. Athletes are solely responsible for the information and other content published on or through their personal profile and/or account. Information thought to be inaccurate will be researched by Prodigy and if deemed to be intentionally published as false, inaccurate, or otherwise misleading, the information and the profile may be permanently removed from the Network. For this reason, Prodigy reserves the right to edit all athlete profiles on the Network and retains final discretion on all content.

Media Services

In order to maximize the exposure and value of the Athlete’s profile, Prodigy requires all athlete’s on the Recruiting Network to select and complete an Athlete Media Package from Prodigy Productions. Through their Network account, athletes select from media packages which are designed for the athlete’s respective sport(s). Athlete’s may select from Productions, Self-Filmed, or Full-Service packages. Each media package may only be used for one particular sport. If an athlete wishes to receive media service for an additional sport(s), a separate media package must be selected which is designed specifically for each sport.

Prodigy reserves the right to edit and produce all footage collected and/or submitted to Prodigy within their professional discretion.

Changes in Media Packages

Media Packages may be upgraded at the request of the Athlete provided that there is ample opportunity to complete the upgraded services. The difference between the deposit for the upgraded package and initial deposit already paid is due at the time of upgrade. All other services and payments are transferred to the upgraded package.

Self-Filmed Packages

Self-Filmed media packages are available to all athletes. These packages are differentiated by the allotted footage hours the athlete can send to Prodigy for editing and final production. Prodigy recommends that if athletes have the capabilities, they edit the footage before sending it in to maximize the use of the footage hours. Prodigy will not use footage over the allotted footage limit of the selected media package. All Self-Filmed footage must be sent to Prodigy on a MiniDV, or in a .mov, or .mpg file format. Footage may be sent in anytime within one (1) year after selecting the package at which time all footage must be received to be included in the respective media package, and available on the athlete’s profile. Failure to submit a reasonable quantity of quality footage for the completion of a media package to Prodigy Productions may result in the removal of the athlete's profile from the Network. Prodigy guarantees submitted footage to be available within ten (10) business days of the date received. All submitted footage becomes property of Prodigy. Prodigy is not responsible for returning any tangible items received to submit footage such as cassettes and cds, but requests to do so may be granted.

Full-Service Packages

Prodigy Productions offers athletes a Full-Service option for the completion of media packages. When an athlete selects a Full-Service package, a Prodigy Productions Regional Director will work directly with the athlete throughout the media package. Athletes are responsible for communicating all requests for their media package(s) to their respective Regional Director in order to maximize the effectiveness of the service.

Prodigy Productions Full-Service packages are not available in all areas. Prodigy reserves the right to offer Full-Service Packages in select locations.

Productions Packages

Prodigy Productions offers athletes an option for the completion of media packages that is simply unparalleled in value. Athletes on the Network who participate on teams who utilize Prodigy Productions Team Media Services, or simply participate in an event which is produced by Prodigy Productions, this footage may be edited and clipped for the respective athlete. Athletes are responsible for communicating all requests for their media package(s) to their respective Regional Director in order to maximize the effectiveness of the service.

Prodigy Productions Team Media services are not available in all areas, as such it is important for athletes to know if their team(s) have, are, or will be using Prodigy Productions Team Media Services, or if they will be participating in such an event before selecting a Productions Package.

Editing Service

Prodigy Productions edits all raw footage of athlete's events. Prodigy Productions reserves the right for Prodigy Editors to use their professional judgment for the editing of all footage. Post-production film hours do not always correlate directly to raw film hours, as the ratio will vary depending on sport, playing time, and other variables that are an inherent part of the length of athletic events. Prodigy Productions additionally reserves the right to select the media which is available on the Network and able to be requested by coaches and recruiters.

Scheduling of Filming Services

It is the responsibility of the athletes to provide their Regional Director with all information regarding all events the athlete will be participating which may provide filming opportunities. Regional Directors then work with athletes to create a schedule for the collection of the footage and completion of the media package.

Travel Fees

In the situation where an athlete wishes to have an event filmed that takes place outside their respective region, the athlete may be charged a travel fee of fifty cents ($.50) per mile traveled. An athlete's region refers to a geographic area within a fifty (50) mile radius of their current schools physical address. Additionally, if an event requires an overnight stay of a videographer, the athlete must pay a fee of one-hundred dollars ($100) per night will be included. All distances traveled by videographers over one-hundred fifty (150) miles requires an overnight stay.

Changes in Filming Schedule

Athletes may make changes to the filming schedule up to forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the scheduled start time of the filming session and reschedule the filming hours without penalty. Athletes must notify their Regional Director of any changes, including event cancellations, personal injury, and all other changes in participation status that may result in failure to collect footage. Events which are desired to be rescheduled or added to athlete’s Media Schedule up to ten (10) days before the event are guaranteed to be added to their filming schedule. Prodigy will make every attempt to schedule and film events scheduled to take place within ten (10) days of a request by an athlete to their Regional Director but cannot guarantee such requests can be met.

Athletes that cancel a scheduled Prodigy filming of an event within forty-eight (48) hours of the scheduled start of an event will be subject to forfeiture of the scheduled filming hours. Athletes are responsible to communicate changes in their participation status to their Regional Director.

Event Cancellations

In the event that an event that is scheduled to be filmed is cancelled within forty-eight (48) hours of the scheduled time due to weather or any other unforeseen reason, athletes will not be penalized and their filming hours will be rescheduled.

Service Completion and Payment

All Media packages selected during the application process are paid in full with the submission of the application. Payment for all other services is due within thirty (30) days of invoice date. If invoice is not paid within (30) days of invoice, the credit card used during the registration process will be charged. If the card on file is no longer active, invoice will remain outstanding until payment is submitted. Only media, products, and services which have been paid for will be made available to the athlete or on the Prodigy Recruiting Network.

Incomplete Media Packages

In the event it becomes impossible to complete the included filming hours for a media package due to an unforeseen reason such as an injury, Prodigy will allow the remaining filming hours to be transferred to a future media package for the athlete.

Refund Policy

Payment for a Prodigy Recruiting Network Account is refundable within thirty (30) days of payment, however the Application Fee will still apply. Deposits and payments for all other services are non-refundable.

If you have any questions regarding this Athlete Terms of Service Notice, please contact Prodigy.