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Prodigy Recruiter Terms of Services

Prodigy Network Access

The Prodigy Network is available only to recruiters who have registered with Prodigy Network and have an active account. Prodigy Network reserves the right to restrict, limit, and grant access to the Prodigy Network at its sole discretion.

Account Requirements

Only current, active recruiters are granted and may utilize a recruiter account with Prodigy Network. This includes but is not limited to NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and Olympic and affiliated coaches and recruiters.

Account Expiration and Modification

Recruiter accounts do not expire. However, by creating an account, recruiters agree to modify their account status upon changing institutions, job status, and all other pertinent changes. This includes removing their account if and when they cease to be employed by an institution meeting the above requirements. In respect of recruiter's privacy, Prodigy Network does not edit, publish, disseminate, or recreate any information on the Prodigy Network at anytime for any reason. Prodigy Network reserves the right to suspend, and terminate an account at its sole discretion.

Networking Service

By utilizing the Prodigy Network, recruiters agree to the general Terms of Use and Privacy standards instituted by Prodigy Network Inc. Additionally, all published information on the Prodigy Network is designed for informational and educational use only. Recruiters do not acquire any right to any information contained within the Prodigy Network. Coaches and recruiters are granted permission to utilize the information for personal use and use by their respective program. Recruiters agree not to disseminate, publish, sell, or recreate any and all information found on the Prodigy Network.


Recruiters gain access to athlete media productions through their account with Prodigy Network. All media productions are subject to the general Terms of Use of Prodigy Network. Specifically, all media productions on the Prodigy Network are subject to United States Copyright protection under Title 17 of the United States Code. Recruiters may use all media productions found on the Prodigy Network solely for information and educational use for themselves and their programs.

Recruiters may request hard copy DVDs of select media productions. Prodigy Network respectfully requests that coaches and recruiters take advantage of this option with discretion and agree to only do so for athletes of serious interest. As a more efficient alternative, coaches and recruiters are able to download the same select media productions directly onto their computer from the Prodigy Network. All hard copy DVDs and downloaded files are subject to the same copyright protection as media on the Prodigy Network. Additionally, recruiters are permitted to recreate and copy DVDs and files for personal use and use by their programs only. This does not transfer any right to production, recreation, or dissemination for any other purpose, including but not limited to the selling of media productions.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Recruiter Service, please do not hesitate to contact us.