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Prodigy Team Media services are completely customizable so they cater to all sports, coaches and teams! Plus the range of options and the "a la carte" pricing structure allow them to fit into any budget.

Our Team Media services are simply the most cost-effective way to maximize the benefits of film for Teams and Athletes!
Step 1. Decide if you would like a full Event Production, Analytics, or both. Details...
Step 2. Select any add-ons and extras that you would like. Details...
Step 3. Select the distribution options you'd like for your videos. Details...
All video collected from any Team Media service is also made available to all athletes for use in Athlete Media Services.

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Event Productions service provides sports teams with professional media solutions for the complete production of sporting events. Productions can be as simple as 1 camera with no graphics to using multiple cameras with graphics, replays, commentating, and more for a production that you would watch on TV.

Base Price for Event Productions:
1 Camera 2 Cameras 3 Cameras 4 Cameras 5 Cameras
$100 $240 $340 $440 $540

Add-Ons available for Event Productions:
(All Prices are "per event")

Event Scoreboard $15
We can create a customized scoreboard graphic that will remain updated in real time, and visible in the corner of the screen for the duration of the event.

Event Scoreboard and Game Clock $40
As an addition to a scoreboard, we can also display a game clock on the scoreboard.

Instant Replays (2 camera minimum) $5
Instant replays add significantly to productions by providing a slow motion view of highlights from the event.

Setup for Event Commentating $30
If you would like to add commentary to your production, we can setup all equipment for you so you can have up to 3 people who you'd like commentate your event. Prodigy can provide the talent for commentary as well, pricing is based on the respective event.

Manual Camera Elevation$20
If your event is being played in a venue that requires us to manually elevate our camera, (such as scaffolding, boom lift, etc.) there is a flat rate fee for the setup of such equipment.

Live Online Broadcasting (internet connection required) $100
Broadcasting offers the highest level of media exposure for your events. Broadcasts can be available for viewing live online, from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device such as computers, televisions, and even cell phones!

Standard Event Analytics $40
If you would like to order both a Production and Analytics using the cameras used for the Production, you can order Analytics as an "add-on." As usual, a standard order includes 3 sections, and you can order more sections for just $10 ea.

If you have any questions about Prodigy Productions Team Media Services, please do not hesistate to contact us

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