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Prodigy Team Portals Network

Prodigy Team Portals are the most efficient way to keep teams connected, informed and prepared as well as access, store, and manage their Prodigy Team Media Services.

All coaches, players, parents, and more can view their team's film online as well as download copies which they can view on computers, televisions, ipods, and cell phones!

In addition to being an online film room, Team Portals also serve as a virtual locker room, meeting room, and office which allows team members and staff the ability to stay in contact anytime, from anywhere - and it is absolutely 100% FREE!

Team Management Tools:
Team Calendar
Keep your team on schedule by listing practice, games, meetings and more in one simple and easy to access place.

Team Announcements
Portal administrators can post announcements to notify all portal members of updates and news, and even send members live alerts of any which are time-sensitive.

Team Statistics
Track and manage all of your team and player statistics for each team event

Team Emailing
All Portal members can email a select member or groups of members right from your Prodigy Portal.

Team Texting
All Members of your Portal can send text messages to select members for immediate notification right through the Portal.

Team Video Tools:
Watch/Download Film
Everyone that you give access to your Portal for can watch film streaming online and even download each video and do anything they want with them!

Clip/Edit Film Online
Our Partnership with Team HomeField, the leading company for online sports video editing, allows all your Prodigy produced videos to seamlessly integrate with your HomeField account where you can edit them yourself without downloading anything.

Share/Exchange Film
No more road trips to trade film for your next game or to let a friend see a game! You can trade game film with opponents online and share them with anyone you want with just one step right through your Portal.

Endless Capabilities
Prodigy videos can be used on any media player including the revolutionary Quicktime platform, allowing for easy viewing, editing, and even publishing. It's free, and it's simply the best player & platform there is! Learn More

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