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Recruiters: The Prodigy Recruiting Network™

The Prodigy Recruiting Network™ is the solution to the limited resources, budgets, and time available for coaches and athletic recruiters to dedicate to their vital recruiting efforts.

"This Network is perfect. I can find legitimate athletes, get all the information I need, and watch video on the spot. Keep up the great work!"
- Chris, W Volleyball Coach
"This is the best online recruiting tool there is, and trust me, I've tried them all."
- Jenni, W Basketball Coach
"If an athlete wants me to notice them, they should do two things; practice, and get on this Prodigy Network."
- Keith, M Tennis Coach
  Search and browse for athletes of interest.
  Evaluate athletes right through their Network profile.
  Watch video produced by Prodigy of every athlete.
  Customize the Network tools to meet your unique needs.
  Match schedules to make attending events more convenient.
  Receive notifications to stay informed on selected athletes.
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